The Fruit-Filled Life

The Fruit-Filled Life

13 Bible Studies for Groups

Series: Filled with the Spirit

The Christian’s life is a continuous walk in the process of discipleship, in which our whole being is being transformed to become like Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit’s work in us. All of us who have been “born again” need to participate in this process of formation so that we can become mature and holy Christians in all areas of our lives.

This volume titled: The Fruit-Filled Life, is the third of a three-volume series that completes the basic studies for level C of the ABCDE Discipleship Plan of the Church of the Nazarene in the Mesoamerica Region. The series is called: Filled with the Spirit and covers 9 months of studies. Each book contains 13 discipleship lessons focused on the consolidation and growth needs of people who have recently been incorporated into local church membership.

These lessons have been written with the thoughtful discipler/teacher in mind, and offers guidelines about how the teacher should instruct the group of new members in such a way that the class is interesting, dynamic and applicable to their lives. These books present the doctrine and practice of the life of holiness in simple practical language, and at the same time connect with the ideas of the contemporary world. The holy life is studied emphasizing:

A. The natural and progressive changes that are produced in the Christian, as a result of the action of the Holy Spirit in one’s life; changes that are observable not only by oneself, but by all those around him or her.

B. The life full of the love of God as an indispensable requirement to serve the Lord and our fellow man.

C. The progressive and total transformation of the life of believers as we become more and more like Jesus Christ.

This third book in the series: The Fruit-Filled Life, has the purpose of providing tools to the believer to cultivate the fruit of the Holy Spirit in their life and thus personally experience the fullness of God’s love and at the same time, be a light reflecting that love full of grace, righteousness, and truth in your home, in your church and in society. Each lesson presents a new opportunity for God to continue to work and transform each disciple so that we all might become more like Jesus in the way we think, in our emotions, and lifestyle, through bible studies, examples and illustrations, self-assessment exercises, reflection, as well as the opportunity to set new goals for spiritual growth.

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