Herald of Holiness - January 19, 1972

Hands uplifted in worship.
Youth Week: January 20-February 6 / Theme: Reach Out

02 Toward Understanding Our Youth by General Superintendent Eugene L. Stowe

03 An Open Letter to the "Now Generation" by Elton Slusser

04 "The Height and Depth of Mercy" by Jesse C. Middendorf

05 Meet the Real Activits by Thomas C. Wilson

07 The Weak Link by Hal M. von Stein

08 And What's so New about Women's Lib? by Aarlie J. Hull

09 The Ugly Duckling by E.S. Mann

10 God Spoke to Me by Mary S. Augsbury

10 The Fractured Family by John A. Knight

11 Hardening of the "Ardor-ies" by C. William Fisher

12 Help for the High Road by Harold Bonner

14 Why Did the Jews Have to Return to Israel? by Alex Wachtel

16 Editorials by W.T. Purkiser

28 News of Religion

29 Answer Corner


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