Melvin "Mel" McCullough

Melvin "Mel" McCullough was a pastor and executive director for youth ministry for the Church of the Nazarene in Kansas City, Missouri, in the 1970s. He also served as president for the Church of the Nazarene Foundation.

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Herald of Holiness - December 1, 1976

William E. McCumber
V. H. Lewis
Clare St. John
Jack M. Scharn
Mervel A. (Bud) Lunn
Colleen Reece
Gladys M. Hunt
Ross Hayslip
Melvin "Mel" McCullough
Alice Hansche Mortenson
Gordon Chilvers
Earl C. Wolf
Alex Deasley
J. Walter, Jr. Hall
Harold I. Smith
Ivan Beals
Aarlie J. Hull
Katherine Blair
Don Alexander
An arrangement of Bibles on a silver backdrop.

02 The Power And Value of Discrimination by General Superintendent V. H. Lewis
03 The Face of The Clock by Clare St. John
03 Directions by Jack M. Scharn
04 Spiritual Maturity Through Reading by M. A. (Bud) Lunn
05 Seek Me Early by Colleen L. Reece
06 Honey For A Child's Heart by Gladys M. Hunt
07 One Hundred And Forty-Four Thousand by Ross W. Hayslip
08 God's Word For A New Age by Melvin McCullough
09 This Beautiful Book by Alice Hansche Mortenson
10 Sorrow Enriches Us Spiritually by Gordon Chilvers

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Herald of Holiness - December 1, 1977

William E. McCumber
William M. Greathouse
E. O. T.
Melvin "Mel" McCullough
C. S. Cowles
Frances Simpson
Charles Hastings Smith
Wilfred C. McKay
James D. Hamilton
Al Truesdale
Edward S. Mann
Robert Branson
J. Kenneth Grider
Marla Carlton
George Privett
Mabel P. Adamson
Thomas W. Thomas
Don J. Gibson
An arrangment of Bibles on a wood table with greenery in the background.
Artist-Designer: Randy Hayes

02 How To Read The Bible by General Superintendent William M. Greathouse
03 The Best Place For The Bible by E. O. T.
04 Let the Word Speak by Melvin McCullough
06 The Book of Life by C. S. Cowles
06 Good Books by Frances Simpson
07 The Last Anchor by Charles Hastings Smith
08 Why Stress Holiness? By Wilfred C. McKay
09 The Handicap of Wholeness by James Hamilton
10 Books and the Book by Al Truesdale
11 The Disciplined Life—Reviewed by Edward S. Mann
12 God’s Word To Me by Robert Branson

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Herald of Holiness - February 10, 1971

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
Orville Jenkins
Doris Porch
William M. Greathouse
J. Kenneth Grider
Melvin "Mel" McCullough
Rosemary Lee
Paul R. Martin
Wilbur W. Brannon
Earl W. Transue
Carolyn Kay Wilson
Three gentleman at the Library of Nazarene Theological Seminary.
February 14--Seminary Sunday Nazarene Theological Seminary Serves the Seventies? (See page 4.) The Quest for Excellence (See page 6.)

02 Modern Idolatry by General Superintendent Jenkins

03 The Egg My God and I by Doris Porch

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Herald of Holiness - July 4, 1973

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
Edward Lawlor
A. Elwood Sanner
Paul R. Martin
Nina Walter
Millard Reed
C. Neil Strait
Judith Oldridge
Donald L. "Roy" Stults
James D. Hamilton
Robert E. Maner
Melvin "Mel" McCullough
Ross Hayslip
C. William Fisher
Byron H. Maybury
Fred Wenger
Aarlie J. Hull
Robert Ulrich
Looking up at flags from all nations.

02 "Should Such A Man As I Flee?" by General Superintendent Lawlor

03 The Comfort In Scriptural Predestination by A. Elwood Sanner

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Herald of Holiness - September 22, 1965

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
Gideon B. (Gideon Brooks) Williamson
Ardelle Wohlenhaus
Herbert McGonigle
Grace V. Watkins
Hugh Slater
Nicholas A. Hull
Hilda Wyrick
Melvin "Mel" McCullough
David K. Wachtel
Ross Hayslip
Homer J. Adams
Barney Self
Ovella Satre Shafer
Geren C. Roberts
A black and white photo of a Saguaro cactus.
Saguaro Cactus: Arizona District

02 Expensive Expediency by General Superintendent Williamson
03 Deliverance from the Depths by Ardelle Wohlenhaus
04 The Wonderful Way by Herbert McGonigle
05 Pool At Twilight by Grace V. Watkins
06 Christ: Our Hope by Hugh Slater
07 It Pays to Hold On! by Nicholas A. Hull
07 My Father Knows Best! by Hilda Wyrick
08 The Peril of a Secondhand Religion by Melvin McCullough
09 What Am I Living For? by David K. Wachtel
09 The Optimism of Holiness by Ross W. Hayslip
10 Stand Up and Be Counted! by Homer J. Adams

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