Christian Ethics

The Quest for Happiness: A Wesleyan View of the Good Life

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
H. Ray Dunning


Chapter 1:  Happiness - the Universal Quest, p. 9
Chapter 2:  Classical Views of Happiness, p. 13
Chapter 3:  Christian Responses to the Quest for Happiness, p. 17
Chapter 4:  Happiness in the Old Testament, p. 23
Chapter 5:  The Kingdom of God and Happiness, p. 29
Chapter 6:  John Wesley on Happiness, p. 36
Chapter 7:  Holiness and Happiness, p. 53
Chapter 8:  The Higher Happiness, p. 64
Chapter 9:  Final Observations, p. 84

In Quest of a Holiness Ethic

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
H. Ray Dunning

Subtitle:  A History of Ethics in the Church of the Nazarene the First 75 years


Introduction, pg. 1

Chapter 1: The Doctrinal source of Nazarene Ethics, pg. 6
     Wesley's Ethical Emphasis
     Wesley's View of Sanctification
     Wesleyanism in America
     The Keswick Influence
     Nazarene Spokesmen on Sanctification

Chapter 2: Historical Sources of Nazarene Ethics, pg. 49
     Documentary Sources
     Socio-Historical Sources

The Holiness Social Ethic and Nazarene Urban Ministry

Dissertation, Wesley Theological Seminary for the degree of Doctor of Ministry


Satan's Subtle Attack on Woman

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
J. G. Morrison

Satan has always manifested a peculiar hatred for woman. Just why, it is hard to say. It is quite possible that it is because she has superior qualities to man. The enemy, no doubt, realizes that she is really the more game fighter of the two. That if he does get her, it is no trick at all to get the man. In fact, that if he can capture the woman, she will capture the man!

My Gold and God

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Earl C. Wolf

Each generation must have its own spiritual experience and be trained in the matter of Christian stewardship. Its not enough to win people to Christ; we must endeavor to help them to be mature and maximum Christians.

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